Summarize of 7th Expo 2009

For three days in Warsaw's Palace of Culture and Science, it was possible to plumb the secrets of the franchise and find the idea for your own business.

At this year's VII Franchise Expo, it was 40 exhibitors represeting various franchise concepts industries food, gastronomic, banking and jeweler.
- Fair is a place where it is possible to meet and talk. It's easier to contact potential partners and provide all details concerning our offer, answer their questions and allay concerns - Mariusz Lignowski, said, chairman of board Medsun.

Present at the opening of the fair were: Lidia Adamska, GPW board member, Piotr Piłat, director of the Department of Financial Market Development at the Ministry of Finance and Krzysztof Pietraszkiewicz, president of Polish Bankers Association. At the opening of all the speaker pointed out that the crisis in Poland has a gentler face than in other European countries. Lidia Adamska, said that the crisis can be compared to the two sides of the coin. One of them is a threat that can bring, and the second is a chance that you can see on the market and it is this opportunity to be exploited. Arkadiusz Słodkowskie, board member of the Polish Franchise Organization, encouraged to invest in your own business under a franchise. He said that such investment is safer than stock or gold, because it is not come under to such economic fluctuations.

Catering rules

Fair undisputed leader in terms of number of concepts have been presented catering industry. It was possible to meet representatives of companies that operate on the franchise market for years, like McDonald's, Pizza Presto, but also completely new brands, as Apetita or the Gaga pizza restaurant.
- We wanted to present our brand on the Warsaw market, because right here in the near future we will look for franchisees. We expected that the majority of visitors will be just from Warsaw and the surrounding area, meanwhile people asked about our offer, they were from different, even distant part of Poland - Izabella Borowska said from Presto Pizzeria.

This year Franchise Expo exchange of ideas for your own business can satisfy even the most undecided, because the exhibitors presented their concepts franchise for every budget/pocket. Visitors can include learn what to do to open a stand of corn, bank agency, pizzeria and even your own supermarket. Franchise Expo was also a chance of presenting new franchise concepts. Gold Finance company presented new brand Star Finance. Also machines for the Apetita pizza were a novelty, Apetit is a concept belongs to Techno Service.
- A machine for the production of the pizza is a novelty on a global scale. So far, these machines only work in Italy. Poland is next to the UK and the U.S. one of the first countries in which they appear - Grzegorz Kaszuba said of Techno Service, a company distributing the machine. - The interest in our concept was huge. All the time someone asked about the opportunity to cooperate and wanted more details of our offer.

They plan to invest

The first two days of the Franchise Expo visitors had passed to collect basic information about networks and comparing offers, and the third was an opportunity/chance to organize the information gathered.
- Even if I won't take the particular decision today, then I will talk with a few exhibitors and I will gather information from them - Darius Klimkiewicz said whoat the fair was looking for a franchise gastronomic concept.

Tomasz Zawadzki looked for an idea for a financial franchise concept.
- I have such company and I would like to develop in this direction, it may allow me to join the franchise network - Zawadzki says.

Presentations are accompanied by a panel of franchise systems training to franchisees and franchisors.

Franchisees captured at the fair

Most of the exhibitors as claims that the interest of the fair visitors was higher than expected. Were positively surprised especially among the companies that hosted the fair for the first time.
- Our network is new on the market and came to the fair to bring it to the public. I did not think many people will visit us - Jacek Zagrobelny said, owner of Toy Planet network involved in the sale of toys.

For three days, Franchise Expo was visited by a few thousand people.
- We have had many conversations with potential franchisees, probably in the near future they will hook into signing new franchise agreements - Jacek Zagrobelny says.

- An interest in the Franchisie Expo grows from year to year. More people have thought about franchising as a way for their own business. It could also see the increase in interest from exhibitors. At the fair there are more than 40 companies, many of them are hosted at the Franchise Expo for the first time - Monika Dabrowska says from Polish Franchise Organization. - A major exhibition of visitors also enjoyed our position. Companies operating in the franchise market increasingly recognized the need to impose certain rules of the franchise and ethical standards, so it is willing to accede to the Polish Franchise Organization. After this year's Franchise Expo our group of members was expanded by several new companies.


The Franchise Expo in Poland is organized always on October. For more informations visit

Wystawcy na 7. Salonie Franchisingu:

  1. 4F
  2. Ada Plus
  3. Aetka
  4. Alan LTD
  5. Arde Haus
  6. Black Sheep
  7. Bank Polskiej Sp├│┼édzielczo┼Ťci
  8. Carrefour
  9. Crestcom
  10. Eurokiosk
  11. Fornetti
  12. Galtex
  13. Gold Finance
  14. Greco
  15. Gruby Benek
  17. Jean Louis David
  18. Lauren Peso
  19. Lucas Bank
  20. McDonald's
  1. Misirland
  2. Mr Hamburger
  3. Okazja
  4. Orange Elephant
  5. Polska Organizacja Franczyzodawc├│w
  6. Papa John's
  7. Perfect Body Center
  8. Pizzeria Gaga
  9. Pizzeria Presto Trattoria
  10. Portas
  11. Produkty Benedyktyńskie
  12. PROFIT system
  13. Subway
  14. Techno Serwis
  15. Telepizza
  16. Toy Planet
  17. United Chicken
  18. USA Sports
  19. Yasumi
  20. Złota Panna Młoda