Report on franchising in Poland 2016

In 2016 the 1 170th brand will debut on the Polish franchise market – shows Report about franchising in Poland made by PROFIT system. Most of the new systems arise in food service, grocery and fashion.

The past year was another, in which the number of franchise systems increased. This year the number of franchisees companies may exceed 71,000. The economies of scale is the main reason why the entrepreneurs decide to cooperate in franchising regardless of the situation on the market, e.g. in the form of better conditions of supply. The importance of franchise is best exemplified by the retail, where despite the general decline in the number of stores, their number is steadily growing in franchising. Here also operates the largest network "abc" belonging to the Eurocach (7,090 stores).

In total, in 2015, 121 new franchises appeared on the market. At the end of 2015 the total number of franchise systems reached 1 114. During 2015, 69 companies abandoned the franchise market. Most of the were active in food service (16) and groceries (10). The difficult situation on the market has taught potential franchisees to choose only the best deals. 48,9 % franchisors reported an increase in the number of franchise outlets in 2015. Network development was possible by reducing the amount of investment and the creation of formats that can be opened in smaller towns.

Average investment in the franchise in 2015 amounted to PLN 221 000 in trade and PLN 108 000 in services (without hotel companies). Much more often - also because of the price - the franchisees chose Polish systems, which constitute 86.3% of the market. Polish franchisors are increasingly choosing to expand abroad. The report by PROFIT system shows that already 110 indigenous systems have at least one functioning institution abroad.