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The Polish Franchise Organization (POF) has once again advised potential franchisors during the Franchise Trade Fair – says Monika Dąbrowska, POF president.

Why is it worth participating in the Franchise Trade Fairs?
Franchise Trade Fairs is a unique opportunity to meet representatives of numerous franchise systems operating on the Polish market. This event attracts not only specialists from the industry, but above all, the number of potential franchisees, who, through direct contact with representatives of franchise companies can make the final decision regarding the choice of one of the systems. It is also an excellent opportunity for people who plan to transform their businesses into franchise companies or organize such companies from scratch to seek the advice of specialists.

What role does it play for developing companies licensed by the Franchise Trade Fairs?
For companies that provide franchise participation in such an event is an instrument that should be harmoniously integrated into the strategy for the promotion of a given franchise offer. It is the Franchise Trade Fairs that are a place where you can successfully present such an offer. This is an excellent support for advertising and other techniques used by franchise companies to promote your business. Skillfully conducted talks with potential franchisees during the fair can have a significant impact not only on the improvement of the offer and at the same time allow you to collect opinions otherwise impossible to obtain. Franchisees have not only the opportunity to present their brand, but also to examine how it is assessed by potential partners and what changes they expect from it.

What does POF have to offer to franchisors?
The Polish Franchise Organisationation offers advice to potential license donors on the various stages of franchise organisation. Representatives of the organisation share their knowledge and experience gained in the franchise companies they represent.