Russia and Belarus suspended from the membership rights of the World Franchise Council

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The Polish Franchisor Organization has sent a request to the board of the World Franchise Council and to all national organizations dealing with franchising to suspend the rights of members of the Council of the Russian and Belarusian franchise organization – due to the attack of these countries on independent Ukraine.

Since the members of the World Franchise Council (WFC) are countries from all over the world, the vote on the suspension itself was not unanimous. The board of the PFO made a behind-the-scenes reconnaissance and some countries used the provisions of the statute and apolitical character to hide behind. However, PFO decided to show solidarity with the victims and sent a statement to all national franchise organizations. In a personal e-mail, President Monika Dąbrowska asked for solidarity with Ukraine, arguing against treating business as something apolitical, allegedly distant from human affairs and attitudes. PFO has gained particularly strong support from the European Franchise Federation and the British Franchise Organisation.

Eventually, the World Franchise Council (WFC) accepted the PFO’s application, as a result of which Russia and Belarus were suspended from membership rights. This means for both countries the inability to participate in meetings of the World Franchise Council, to receive information on current activities and decisions of its authorities, to express opinions and speak about them, as well as to vote. The decision remains in force until further notice.

The text of the official POF position statement of March 4, 2022.

Dear friends from the World Franchise Council!

At many international fairs and workshops devoted to franchising, we have been meeting our business partners from Ukraine for years. And now they are not with us. On February 24, the Russian army invaded their independent and democratic country. For this reason, brave Ukrainians today have to defend their land from the brutal Russian invaders and their bombs, leaving their homes and losing everything they owned. Civilians and children die.

We realize that Russia also has many people of good will who do not support Putin’s brutal war. However, we cannot imagine joint membership with the Russian and Belarusian Franchise Organization when the rifles of soldiers from these countries are aimed at Ukrainian citizens. Therefore, we propose to suspend the membership of these two organizations in the World Franchise Council until Russian and Belarusian soldiers leave free and independent Ukraine.

In addition, we request the immediate removal of both logos and names of these organizations from the website of the World Franchise Council and not inviting members of this organization to events organized by the Council.

Monika Dabrowska

Chairman of the Board

Polish Organization of Franchisors

Email text below:

Dear Friends!

As you know, Russia invaded Ukraine. Russia, in cooperation with Belarus, are waging war against an independent country, bombing cities and villages, and children and civilians are dying from Russian weapons.

Therefore, as humans, we have a duty to protest. We are not guided by politics, what counts is humanism, we believe that business should be on the side of good and truth.

Many business organizations in response to the Russian invasion exclude the country from the group of members – so did the The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

Russian and Belarusian athletes participating in the Beijing Paralympics were also excluded from it. Is it based on a statute or some regulation? NO! In business and sport, it’s not about a dry rule in the statute, it’s about honor, human decency and solidarity with the victims.

You can’t do business with a country that wages vicious wars.

We propose the suspension of the Russian Franchise Association (RFA) and the Belarusian Franchise Association (Belfranchising) from membership of the World Franchise Council (WFC) until these countries withdraw their troops and Ukraine will once again enjoy independence, freedom and peace.

Please support our application.

Kind regards

Monika Dabrowska

Chairman of the Board

Polish Organization of Franchisors

PFO statement on Russian invasion on Ukraine

Позиция Польской Организации Франчайзинга относительно российского вторжения в Украину