Poland - country of chance

Poland is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe which is confirmed by various market indicators such as Gross Domestic Product, Consumer Price Index, structure of the labour market, competitive wages and dynamic foreign trade exchange.

With GDP growth of 2.3% for the second quarter of 2014, Poland is still the only UE member that did not fall into recession through the entire time of the world crisis. In the same time has been growth by 0,7% in the Euro zone and 1,2% in whole EU. GDP is predicted to achieve 3,8% in 2015.

Costs of conducting business in Poland are significantly lower than in Western Europe. Also the labour cost are very optimistic for foreign investors. Investors and entrepreneurs can rely on Polish developing infrastructure which was enriched during last few years with some new: highways, hotels, airports, train stations and sport facilities.

Poland lies in the Central-Eastern Europe. Total surface area of Poland is 322,575 sq km. This makes Poland the ninth largest country in Europe. The Voivodeship of Greater Poland (Wielkopolska) is exactly the size of Belgium. Poland's population fluctuates near 38,200,000. This makes Poland the 29th most populated country in the world and the 8th in Europe.

The major territorial division in Poland is voivodship (wojewodztwo). There are 16 voivodships in Poland. The primary urban and rural unit is municipality (gmina). Between the gmina and the voivodship ther is an intermediate unit - called district (powiat).

General economic data


Source: GUS, Eurostat, PAIiIZ